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Sound Meditation

The world of sound healing is not something new, though you may have heard about it more recently. There are many forms of meditation, many of which derive from Eastern cultures. Whether you have a long practice of concentrative mediation, vipassana meditation, have tried guided meditations, or even apps, anyone at any level can benefit from any form of meditation. 

Sound meditation is a sound immersive technique (also called a sound bath) utilizing sound bowls, tuning forks, and other harmonic instruments as a therapy to restore the mind, body, and spirit. At Aya Expressive Arts, we begin by getting in a comfortable position laying down or sitting with eyes closed or in a softened gaze. Light sound will accompany a guided meditation followed by more immersive sound from various instruments. No two sound meditations are the same in sound or in the result. Some people may experience an emotional detox, euphoria, relaxation, and/or stress relief. There is always support before, during, and after a sound meditation to meet your needs.

Sessions can be done privately or with a small to a large group of people. It is done in a quiet, comfortable, and safe setting. To book or attend a session contact us today!

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